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CSK Opens New Factory in Asan City

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May 14,  2024

CSK, a leading provider of abatement and liquid delivery systems(LDS), celebrated the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Asan City in Chungcheongnam-do province, Republic of Korea. The new 15,000m2 factory integrates the infrastructure and technology of both CSK and Edwards Korea, to provide a key production site for abatement systems, and integrated vacuum and abatement systems (integrated systems) used in the global manufacture of semiconductors.

Attending today’s opening ceremony were Gareth Weir, Deputy head of Mission at the British Embassy of Seoul, Woo-seok Choi, representing Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea, along with Il-gyo Jo, Deputy Mayor of Asan City and Tae-hyung Kim, Commissioner of Invest Korea. Also the representatives from CSK and Edwards’ key semiconductor customers in Korea.

Semiconductor manufacturing is essential to supporting developments across the technology, electronics, automotive, scientific and healthcare sectors. Harmful and toxic gases generated during the semiconductor manufacturing process can be treated by abatement systems to provide a clean environment.  The new facility will enable an increase production of integrated systems, abatement and liquid delivery systems (LDS)

The facility utilises advanced data technology as part of ‘factory of the future’ strategy, with state-of-the-art manufacturing and measurement equipment. Environmental sustainability was also a key consideration in the construction of the new facility, as well as conforming to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Certification, the site also incorporates local exhaust ventilation to manage air quality and reduce exposure to airborne nanoparticles. The design, materials and colour used in the construction of the building have also been selected to be sympathetic to local surroundings. 

pc asan opening ceremony