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SINCE 1997

Pioneer in Pure and Agile Solutions

CSK engineers

Pure and Agile Solutions, CSK

CSK is a Korean company specializing in abatement systems and LDS.

Its main customers are the main players in the semiconductor industry, like Samsung and SK Hynix.

Since the development of its Dry Abatement system in 1997, CSK has been a leader in hazardous gas abatement systems and precursor supply technology with a wide portfolio of solutions through its outstanding technology and design.

CSK aims to become the leader in eco-friendly solutions with technological know-how, to harmonize people and the environment to create a better world than yesterday.

CSK will continue to deliver higher customer satisfaction through technological innovation and reliable services.

Values at CSK

At CSK, we reflect these values when interacting with our customers as well as our internal and external partners.

Not only do we strive to actively engage with our customers, but we also take innovative steps to create the best for them.

We also share our vision with all business stakeholders of the company so that we can work and develop together as a team.

SINCE 1997

Our History

CSK has been working to create a world where technology and the environment can coexist.


CSK establishment

Developed Dry Abatement 


Localization of Dry Abatement

Developed Burn-Wet Abatement


Developed Liquid Delivery System (LDS) 


Acquired ISO 9001/14001 certification


Achieved $10M export


Developed Plasma-Wet Abatement 


Established CSK Taiwan Joint Venture 


Established CSK Wuxi, China


Acquired K-OHSAS 18001 certification

Established CSK Xian, China


Achieved $20M export 

Abatement products selected as 'World Class Product of Korea' 


Joined Atlas Copco Group


Participated in ‘Work-life Balance Campaign’

Designated as a ‘Youth-Friendly Small Giant Company’


Acquired international ISO 9001 certification

Developed iARECA, iFOREST 


Acquired international ISO 14001/45001 certification


CSK's 25th anniversary


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