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Service Solutions

CSK’s agile service solutions are customized for each customer's needs.

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Our Service Plans

Our service solutions are tailored to each customer's needs.

From systematic maintenance solutions tailored specifically to your needs to fast delivery of critical parts and chemicals, we operate with a flexible approach to meet your requirements.

Speak to our service expert today, to find out the best service plan for your facility.


  • A basic fixed price parts plan
  • Fixed supply of parts used on site annually
  • Basic operational support provided by our team of experts
  • This plan can be enhanced with optional training plans delivered by our experts


  • A basic fixed price maintenance plan
  • Maintenance performed onsite by our abatement engineers 
  • Troubleshooting and operational support provided by our team of experts


  • All the benefits of Maintain
  • Latest upgrades or improvement components
  • Consignment stock management
  • Breakdown warranty

Responsive and Agile

With more than 25 years of experience in providing agile services, CSK can help you operate your fab safely and efficiently, whether it is located locally or abroad.

CSK operates seven service offices with over 450 service engineers, in Korea and internationally.

South Korea

  • Youngin
  • Dongtan
  • Pyeongtaek
  • Icheon
  • Cheongju
  • Tangjeong
  • Asan


  • Texas, USA
  • Xian, China
  • Wuxi, China
  • Taiwan

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