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CSK Donates Educational Expenses for Single-Parent Families

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December 20, 2021

CSK announced on the 17th that it had donated to the Korean Social Welfare Association (Chairman Kim Seok-hyun) to support the educational expenses of vulnerable children from single-parent families. The above donation will be used for learning fees and textbook costs for the ‘Education Expenses for Vulnerable Children from Single-Parent Families’ program. 

CSK is a leader in Korea's hazardous gas abatement system and liquid supply system. It has a hazardous gas abatement system (Abatement) that treats toxic gases emitted from the semiconductor manufacturing process and LDS that safely supplies high-purity liquid chemicals used in the semiconductor process. As a company that manufactures (Liquid Delivery System) equipment, it has been carrying out various social contribution activities (CSR), such as blood donation events, at its workplace every year.

Meanwhile, the Korean Social Welfare Association is an organization that has been operating welfare projects to change the lives of children, unmarried mothers, the elderly, and disabled children for 67 years, starting with an adoption project for underprivileged children in 1954. It is a social welfare corporation that strives to improve the welfare of the underprivileged.

Jason Yun, General Manager of CSK said, “With the prolongation of COVID-19, the transition of public education to online classes is deepening the gap in education for children from vulnerable groups. I participated in donating to this program with the hope that children, who will become leading figures in our society, can study in a better environment. “We hope that CSK’s small help will be of some significance in extending children’s studies, and we will become a company that strives to return the love we received from our customers through mutual development with the region,” he said.

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