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CSK Participates in the Children's Traffic Safety Relay Challenge

To prevent traffic accidents of children.

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July 27, 2021

Jason Yun, General Manager of CSK, the largest company in Korea's gas abatement market share, participated in the Children's Traffic Safety Relay Challenge to prevent traffic accidents in children's protection zones.

The Children's Traffic Safety Relay Challenge is a participatory relay campaign started by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security in December 2020, and Jason Yun participated after being nominated by Eric Langmans, General Manager of Atlas Copco Korea.

Yun has said, "As there is an elementary school located near CSK's Yongin business site, I always see children going to and from school. I hope that participation in this campaign will serve as an opportunity to raise awareness of children's traffic safety among CSK employees and surrounding citizens." He expressed his feelings.

CSK is a company that manufactures gas abatement equipment (Abatement), which treats toxic gases emitted from the semiconductor manufacturing process, and PDS (Precursor Delivery System) equipment, which safely supplies high-purity liquid chemicals used in the semiconductor process. We have been carrying out various social contribution activities (CSR) such as blood donation events to help children.

Jason Yun nominated Ahn Yunsu, CEO of Shinsung ENG, as the next runner.

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