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CSK Participates in SEMICON Korea 2023

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March 13, 2023

CSK, a hazardous gas reduction system and liquid supply system company, will participate in 'Semicon Korea 2023' held at COEX in Seoul from February 1 to 3. CSK presents the slogan 'sustainability through collaboration' at this exhibition, emphasizing cooperation on carbon reduction and ESG activities within the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

CSK is a company that has been developing and producing eco-friendly gas reduction devices that purify waste gases generated in semiconductor processes since 1997. In line with climate change and carbon reduction, which are currently emerging around the world, 'Protron', a next-generation non-fuel gas reduction device that does not use fossil fuels, will be unveiled at this exhibition. Protron consists of a product line up with various specifications that can cover CVD, diffusion processes as well as etch.

Jason Yun, General Manager of CSK said, “The majority of semiconductor manufacturing companies are under pressure to produce environmentally friendly products and reduce carbon emissions. Accordingly, I believe that CSK’s products will be of great help in achieving the two goals of ‘eco-friendliness’ and ‘carbon reduction’,” he said. “Also, through cooperation with companies within the industry, we will create a sustainable environment in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.” CSK will also work hard to make it happen,” he said.

CSK's footsteps and future for the coexistence of technology and environment can be seen at the D Hall exhibition hall in COEX, Seoul from February 1 to 3, 2023.

Semicon Korea 2023